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Headcanon accepted. Special Stardust is cinnamon sugar.

sopor slime is actually the taco bell mountain dew baja blast syrup (the screencap is from the taco bell site)

That explains a LOT. 

Seriously though. If troll bone colouration is like their horns, and the keratin all has that candy corn colour variation, then what if it does turn into sugar when it’s crushed. Per the ‘grind your bones to make my special stardust’ quote. There’s a kind of ant in Australia whose abdomen tastes like sugar, and considering trolls are insectoid in origin…it’s possible. 

i’m going to cry. what have we just discovered

plus what huge stoner doesnt practically live at taco bell?

plus their vaguely mexican food adds humor to the carlos maraca thing

oh my god

what the fuck did we just do

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So I know you can walk around Ikasucon for free. I was wondering, like at Matsuricon, they had artist alley in the halls so anyone, paying or non, could buy things. So since I’m not buying a badge for Friday or Sunday, do you have to pay to get into the dealers room and artist alley? Because at Appleseed Con you didn’t have to.


I don’t think so, last I knew they didn’t check badges when you went into those rooms and I really don’t think the dealers/artists would mind if you bought a badge if you buy their stuff.

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pewdiepie made a rape joke about clementine, an 8 year old child, from the walking dead game a while ago and now he gets excited when he gets to physically harm a disabled child having an extreme panic attack from the same game.

if you still like him after that you seriously need to rethink your values, because the fucker hasnt changed and hes not going to.


people run “aesthetic blogs” where they just reblog pics of like neon lights and pools of water and weird textures and stuff and i don’t really get it but i like to look at those blogs, it’s nice to know that you guys are out there, always silent, never getting into fights, just reblogging pics of wrinkled plastic bags… keep doing ur thing

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This is the second in a series of mixes I’m doing for my girlfriend. ‘Synergistic Interaction of Love - The Second Movement’ is another exploration into downtempo chill romwantik sunday vibes. This one is again loaded with a bunch of bass driven chillwave artists with lots of vocals. From live instrumentation cuts to sample ridden lo-fi projects this covers a good scope of the stuff I’m listening to in my downtime away from the more dance oriented side of my taste. I like to throw new musical directions into the mix when I’m getting to know someone and this is the perfect example of that. Plenty of nods to our musical past and new takes on a classic or two. Warning: High bed breaking potential. Lol!

Spliff’s on. Hope you enjoy.


1. The Weeknd – What You Need
2. Aaliyah – Are You That Somebody (Summer Occasion Mix)
3. James Blake – Voyeur (Bear//Face Bootleg)
4. Mansionair Ft. Revier – Hold Me Down
5. EMBRZ – Make Your Way
6. CHVRCHES – Lies (Tourist Mix)
7. Lykki Li – Little Bit (Cosmos’s Midnight Remix)
8. Bastille – Bad Blood (Natalie Lungly Live Cover Session)
9. Stwo – Lovin U
10. Pascaal – Cheated
11. Snakadaktal – Ghost (Cosmo’s Midnight Remix)
12. Mya – My Love Is Like (Jaw Jam Bootleg)
13. Cosmo’s Midnight Ft Nicole Miller – Phantasm
14. Next – Wifey (Jaw Jam Bootleg)
15. Bear//Face – Taste My Sad
16. Sam Smith – Nirvana (Until The Ribbon Breaks Re-Imagining)
17. The Weeknd - High For This (Ellie Goulding Cover)